The Charity Report

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On March 18, 2020, Gail Picco launched The Charity Report, as “an independent source of news in the charity sector.”

“Compared to other business sectors, what we don’t know about the charity sector is a lot,” says Picco. “But the sector is just too big—and there too many lives at stake—for it not have the information it needs to make informed decisions and target resources at a price it can readily afford.” 

The Charity Report is a means to fill the information and intelligence gap and is assembling a team to work in one or more of its three streams:

  • A free website with independent news coverage of charities, the social issues they are to deal with at 
  • For paid subscribers, a series of monthly intelligence reports on topics important to the sector 
  • Bespoke research to organizations wanting tailor-made intelligence.

The existence of The Charity Report means people who work in charities have a news site where they see themselves reflected. We showcase the work of charities within the context they operate, provide analysis of sector wide trends and ask tough questions when we have to.

For more information see the full Media Release and The Charity Report At A Glance

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