Can we continue to trust charities with the lives of the poorest, sickest and most oppressed people in the world? Or are they actually part of the problem?

Author and charity veteran, Gail Picco, has interviewed cancer researchers, hospital foundation chieftains, humanitarian aid veterans and sector observers, and used data from tax filings, charity audits, international reports and policy analysis to help answer these questions.

Her research paints a picture of a Canadian sector that generates more money than the entire GDP of Pakistan. Yet, as the book shows, the charitable sector in Canada is rife with inequity, under no obligation to deal with the urgent problems our country faces and operates with very little scrutiny.

Drawing on more than 25 years of experience working with a broad range of charities, Picco has produced an insightful book that is essential reading for anyone who gives to charities, is trying to make charity more impactful or concerned about the effect charity is having on the people who need their help the most.

Early Praise

… an eloquent plea to establish a Canadian charitable sector that is “modern, problem-solving and dynamic” rather than the moribund, status quo-oriented, and tax-break-driven model that disappoints and disillusions all of us.” 

– John English, Distinguished Senior Fellow, Munk School Of Global Affairs

“[Cap in Hand] shows us what we can do to positively impact the lives of millions of people around the world. This is an important work. All I can say is, “Brava!” 

– Mitchell Cohen, President & Ceo, The Daniels Corporation

“In her lively, witty style, Picco shows us how we do-gooders can demand better.”

– Tom Hawthorn, Journalist and Author

“A necessary book, a needed investigation.”

– Bill Tieleman, West Star Communications

“I strongly recommend this book.”

– Chris Snyder, Bestselling Author, It’s Your Money

“Smart and successful clients have listened to Gail’s advice for years. So should we all.”

– Bob Penner, President & Ceo, Strategic Communications Inc.

“This book is brave, searching and necessary. It comes at the right time, from the right place, for all the right reasons.”

– Nicole Salmon, Boundless Philanthropy

“In this courageous and timely book, Gail dares to challenge the charitable sector to dig deep and evaluate its objectives and measures of success.”

– Denny Young, Program Coordinator and Professor, Fundraising Management Program, Humber College