Hilborn Charity eNews

In November 2016, I was invited to contribute a bi-weekly column in Hilborn Charity eNews, a charity sector newsletter with more than 13,000 subscribers. The column is called Going Deeper. Its job is to look beyond the typical charity headline and provide a unique analysis of the sector that you won’t find anywhere else.

Says publisher, Jim Hilborn, “we look forward to hearing from Gail with a perspective that’s been honed by decades of working at the top levels of the sector and hope our dedicated readers do too. We want to engage the sector in much-needed discussion. And we think Gail can help us do that.”


April 13, 2017

Op Ed: Ways in which the CFRE accreditation lets down fundraisers, charities and donors


March 15, 2017

How self-styled charity evaluators have laid waste to productive critique of the charitable sector


March 2, 2017

Independence lost? The struggle to make fundraising donor-centred is morphing into fundraising that is donor-directed


January 31, 2017

10 Reasons Why the 15% Charity Overhead Myth Prevents Social Change


January 10, 2017

Ten reasons why the 15% charity overhead myth prevents any social change

(Reprinted in the Nonprofit Quarterly on January 31, 2017)


November 24, 2016

The people’s palace