The Charity Impact Group

The Changing Charity Landscape

During the past decade the charitable sector in Canada and around the world has become much more complex.

The number of charities in the sector has grown dramatically. The influence of wealth has never been greater. The amount of money being spent on fundraising by the biggest charities has grown exponentially and their dominance of the market has been just one result. Some wealthy philanthropists are determining the courses of action and the nature of research being undertaken by large charities. Competitiveness in the fundraising arena can be overwhelming for some charities.

This coupled with the decline in revenue from direct marketing, changing demographics, and the number of giving channels available to donors has resulted in the need for re-assessment of approach and activities in many charities.

At the same time, the “cheque book activism” that’s been successful in the past is being set aside in favour of a model that engages the donor/activist in the pursuit of policy objectives or systemic change as well as raising money.

Neither the donor nor fundraising itself exists in a universe separate from the mission. It becomes integrated with it strategically. Because new generations of direct marketing donors and progressive major gift donors have declared it is time “to fix this thing.”

That’s why we have formed The Charity Impact Group.

Because—whatever your issue—it’s time to “fix this thing.”

Within the complexity of a changing environment, our job is to help charities succeed on their mission, align philanthropic programs to mission goals, optimize structure and talent, and design a road map for the future.

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